Negative Impact of Waking Up Too Late

Some people have to give up their nightly sleep to work if they take shift work. This makes sleeping hours reversed because they have to be active at night when the body should be resting. Actually, it doesn’t matter as long as the body gets enough time to rest.


Too much sleep can cause headaches. This condition occurs because of the work of chemical compounds in the brain or neurotransmitters such as serotonin. When the performance of this compound is impaired, there will be problems with activity in the brain, so you will feel a headache.


Sleeping longer than 9 to 10 hours also increases the risk of obesity. This condition can also be an impact when you experience lack of sleep. When you sleep too long, you will skip meals, which will make you overeat when you wake up.

Mental Disorder Risk

Difficulty sleeping or insomnia can have an impact on the risk of depression. However, it turns out, some people with depression also experience excessive sleep problems. If this condition is not treated, depression will get worse. Not only that, excessive sleep also increases the risk of anxiety disorders, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, and fatigue.

Back pain

Back pain can be relieved with rest. However, sleeping too long actually increases the risk of back pain. Sleeping too long, especially in the same position, such as on your back, will make your spine stiff and painful.

Lack of sleep or sleeping too long are often misunderstood. Although lack of sleep is not good for health, sleeping too long is just as bad. The important thing you have to remember is that you get a break according to your needs, which is for 7-8 hours.